Tournament Guidelines

Revised – May 12, 2016

1)   Proof of Membership
All players must be members in good standing of a recognized golf association, have paid all required membership fees and be in possession of a "Golf NB / Golf Canada Membership Card", or a recognized national equivalent.  Proof of membership will be REQUIRED upon check in at all Golf NB Provincial Championships and events.

2)   Handicap Verification
Golf NB will be verifying each individual’s handicap factor, using the Golf Canada Score Center, prior to all Golf NB events.  However, it remains the responsibility of the competitor to make Golf NB aware of any changes in their handicap factor, upward or downward, upon check in at the event.   

3)   Entrance Policy
Entry preference will be given to members, and teams with at least one member, of Golf New Brunswick (Golf NB) until June 1st.  After June 1, all Golf NB championships will be filled on a first come first serve basis, providing applicants meet all entry requirements as described in Golf NB Tournament Guidelines. All players allowed entrance to an event are eligible to be named champion.

4)   Registration Policy: 
Applications for participation to all Golf NB events will be processed in accordance with the Golf NB “Entrance Policy”. 

A Golf NB member registering for a Golf NB Tournament or Championship, whose member club has not remitted its membership dues for the current season, will not be placed into the event until such time as the club has remitted its membership dues.  

Golf NB membership dues are to be remitted no later than May 31st in a given year.  

Once a member club has remitted its membership dues, all members of that club whose eligibility is currently pending will be granted entry into the event for which they have registered in accordance with the “Tournament Guidelines” as outlined on the Golf NB website.

5)   Conduct
Entrants are warned that conduct considered detrimental to the best interests of the game, or unbecoming of a contestant, while on or off the golf course, and coming to the attention of the Tournament Committee, will be dealt with an can result in disqualification of the offending person(s). Extreme misconduct may be referred to Golf NB Discipline Committee. Players' actions and conduct will be governed by Golf NB Disciplinary Guidelines.

6)   No Shows
Players failing to appear for their scheduled tee time without informing the Tournament Committee will be referred to Golf NB Discipline Committee and may be subject to future sanctions up to and including DISQUALIFICATION from future Golf NB competitions.

7)   Golf NB Dress Code
Players and Caddies must adhere to Golf NB dress code and dress in a manner that is appropriate;

  • Tops: Men's Golf shirts must have collars and sleeves, mock necks are acceptable. Ladies' shirts may be worn with or without sleeves, but sleeveless shirts must have a minimum of a 4 inch seam at the shoulder and MUST cover the midriff and cleavage. Signature Cresting is allowed, but NO ADVERTISING unless approved by the Tournament Committee. Tank tops are not permitted.

  • Bottoms: Men's pants and shorts are permitted. All pants or shorts worn in the club house or on the golf course must be in good repair and must have hems. Shorts must not extend beyond the top of the knee and must not be shorter than 3 inches above the knee. Ladies' pants, capris, skorts or shorts are acceptable. Skorts and shorts MUST reach a minimum of the end of the wearer's fingertips when arms are placed straight down the side of the leg. Bottoms should be tailored, but NOT skin tight. NO DENIM, spandex or fleece / "sweatshirt" fabrics are permitted.

  • Footwear: Golf Shoes (soft spikes only) and running shoes are permitted on the golf course. Metal or traditionally designed spikes are prohibited. Caddies MUST wear SPIKELESS flat-soled shoes. 

8)   Automotive Cart Policy
The use of automotive transportation is permitted by all competitors in ALL Golf NB Championships, with the EXCEPTION of the following;

·         NB Pee Wee Championship

·         NB Junior Championship

·         East Coast Junior Championship

·         Atlantic Junior Match Play

Automotive transportation is permitted for all competitors provided they meet all of the eligibility requirements, set forth by the host club, for the rental of automotive transportation.

9)   Caddies
Caddies may be used in Golf NB Championships, with the EXCEPTION of Golf NB Junior Championships. Players may employ their own caddie, or caddies may be arranged through the host club if available. Players wanting to employ a caddie from the host club should contact the club directly. Caddies must adhere to Golf NB dress code and MUST wear SPIKELESS flat-soled shoes.

10) Cellular Phones and Electronic Devices
A local rule restricting the use of cellular phones and other electronic devices will be in effect for all Golf NB Class I events. Please see the local rules available at

11) Distance-Measuring Devices
A local rule allowing the use of distance-measuring devices will be in effect for all Golf NB Class I events. Please see the standard local rules available at

12) Champions
Champions of the Men's Amateur, Ladies Amateur, Boys Junior, Girls Junior, Men's Mid-Amateur, Men's Senior, and Ladies Senior Championships will earn automatic berths into their respective NB teams for national competition provided they meet Golf NB eligibility requirements and the Golf Canada residency requirements.

13) Ties
All ties for championships (where a trophy is awarded) will decided by a (3) hole aggregate total play-off, then sudden victory if required. For prize distribution all other ties will be decided by comparing score cards.

14) Conforming Equipment
Golf New Brunswick follows the USGA's regulations surrounding the use of conforming equipment, including golf balls and golf clubs.  For the USGA’s Lists of conforming clubs and balls CLICK HERE.

15) Club / Groove Regulations:
Golf New Brunswick (Golf NB) has no restrictions on the types of grooves, or the cross sectional area and edge sharpness of golf club grooves, used by players in this championships. 

Player who intend to participate in National or Regional Championships administered by Golf Canada should familiarize themselves with Golf Canada’s decisions regarding “V-Grooves”. (CLICK HERE).  

16) Event Registration
Once event registration has opened Golf NB....

ACCEPTS: Entries on a first come, first serve basis, unless otherwise stipulated
WILL NOT ACCEPT: Late or postdated entries
WILL NOT ACCEPT: Late or postdated payments
ACCEPTS: Entries by fax only if they include payment by credit card.
WILL NOT: Assume responsibility for entries lost in the mail, by courier or that have been improperly submitted via fax or online methods; Check the entry list on Golf NB website to ensure your entry has been received.

17) Entry Closing Date
Entries close at 11:59 pm on the date of closing, or when the maximum number of entries have been realized; whichever comes first. A list of alternates will be kept in case of withdrawals or medical cancellations.

18) Refund Policy
Golf New Brunswick....

WILL: Only issue refunds if Golf NB is notified of the player's intention to withdraw prior to the application deadline.
WILL NOT: Issue refunds after the application deadline without a medical certificate.
WILL CHARGE: A $25.00 administration fee on all refunds
WILL ISSUE: Legitimate refunds only after an event has been completed, all entries have been reconciled

19) Player's Responsibility
Once selected into a championship, players are expected to participate. If a player wishes to withdraw prior to the start of a championship, they must notify Golf NB well in advance in order to ensure an alternate fair opportunity to play. Failure to comply may result in DISQUALIFICATION from future provincial competitions.

20) Waiver of Media Rights
In consideration of Golf New Brunswick (Golf NB) services in sponsoring the tournament, participating players grant and assign to Golf NB, without limitation, their individual television, radio, motion, print advertising, internet and all other related media rights with respect to their participation in Golf NB Championships.