NB Golf Courses Enter Phase 2 of COVID-19 Recovery

On Friday, May 8th, Premier Blaine Higgs announced that the Province of New Brunswick was entering Phase 2 of its COVID-19 Recovery Plan.  Along with the modified resumption of Elective surgeries and other non-emergency health services, Offices openings, Retail businesses, Restaurants, Campgrounds, and outdoor recreational activities, Daycare, childcare and day camps and ATV trails, among others, the transition to Phase 2 of COVID-19 recovery has also loosened restrictions on golf courses.

“Under Phase 2 (Orange), several activities and openings are permitted, subject to maintaining physical distancing measures, general guidelines from Public Health and the Guidelines for New Brunswick Workplaces issued by WorkSafe NB” (Health, Office of the Premier, COVID-19 – May 8, 2020).  Golf facilities are now able to prepare an operational plan that meets or exceeds the general guidelines from Public Health paving the way for;

  • Reduced Tee Time Intervals
  • Renting of Pull Carts
  • Opening of Pro Shops (Retail)
  • Expanded Food & Beverage Services (Restaurants)

“Golf will not be business as usual,” said Tyson Flinn, Executive Director of Golf NB.  “We are still very early in the process and each club will be able to offer different service levels based on their individual capacities.  Patience will be very important as the industry continues to change throughout the season, but for now, we are pleased to know that golf facilities now have a greater latitude to provide a safe and efficient golfing experience for players.”

While golf clubs have been given flexibility, and services will vary from club to club, golfers should note that there are several restrictions that are still in place, and which for the time being will be consistent across the province, including but not limited too;

  • Power Carts may only be used by one individual for the duration of the round.
    • Note: Exceptions are in place for members of the same household.
  • Flag Sticks – Golfers can continue to expect to be asked not to touch the flagstick, and to leave the flag still in the cup at all times.
  • Raised Cups – Raised cups are no longer required, but golfers can expect to see facilities continue to reduce a golfer’s ability to remove their ball from the hole. Clubs may choose to use a “hands-free” ball retrieval device or may continue to block the cup entirely.
  • Washrooms – Golfers can expect continued restrictions on access to washrooms and locker rooms.

Please contact your favorite facilities for available services and restrictions and stay connected to our social media channels and website for continued updates regarding the 2020 season.

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