Golf in New Brunswick during COVID-19

Over the recent weeks, New Brunswickers have been subject to many changes and adjustments during the re-opening of businesses throughout the province, including Golf Courses. As of Friday, May 8th, Golf Courses have been granted permission to operate at their own discretion as long as they have an Operations Plan in place that meets or exceeds the general guidelines from Public Health paving the way for Reduced Tee Time Intervals, Renting of Pull Carts, Opening of Retail Shops, and Expanded Food & Beverage Services.

The opening of Golf Courses across the province has been a fluid situation. With the introduction of the “Orange Phase on May 8th, Golf Courses now have the ability to manage their facility and aspects of their operations as they see fit and with the health and well-being of members and staff as a top priority. During the provincial re-opening stages, Golf NB has provided clubs with recommendations and guidance on operations during COVID-19 along with select mandated requirements as implemented by the Province of New Brunswick. The Friends & Family Bubble was introduced when the province transitioned into the  “Yellow Phase”  of its COVID-19 Re-Activation Phases on May 22nd. The Yellow Phase presents facilities with the option to allow Bubble Family and Friends to share a cart together.  While this option is now available, it is up to individual clubs to determine if they wish to make this option available to their members.

* Please note that all areas of New Brunswick are currently in Phase Yellow, excluding ZONE 5 which remains in Orange Phase. 

While golf clubs have been given flexibility, services will vary from club to club, and golfers should note that there are several restrictions that are still in place, which for the time being will be consistent across the province, including but not limited too;

  • Power Carts may only be used by one individual for the duration of the round. NOTE: Carts may be shared with members of a Friends & Family Bubble
    • Exemptions to the above apply if occupants reside in the same household and bubble families and friends.  Be advised, each club will have their own policies surrounding whether members of “bubble families and friends”  can share a power cart or not.  Golfers should ALWAYS defer to the instructions and guidelines as set forth by the golf course.
  • Flag Sticks- Golfers can continue to expect to be asked not to touch the flagstick, and leave the flag still in the cup at all times.
  • Raised Cups- Raised cups are no longer required, but golfers can expect to see facilities continue to reduce a golfer’s ability to remove their ball from the hole. Clubs may choose to use a “hands-free” ball retrieval device or may continue to block the cup entirely.
  • TouchPoints- It is Golf NB’s recommendation that facilities continue to eliminate touchpoints on the course which includes but is not limited to Bunker Rakes, Ball Washers, and Benches.  

Golf NB would like to thank all of our Member Facilities and Players for their continued support during these unprecedented times. Clubs across the province have been working tirelessly in order to safely operate and continue to keep players and staff health and safety as a top priority.

As a player, you can assist clubs in creating a safe environment by doing the following:


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